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about us

Design2Live is your source for affordable luxury.

Good Interior Design does not have to be intimidating or expensive.   D2L's friendly, approachable design team strives to make furnishing your home a pleasurable experience while saving you time and money.

Understanding your ideas, expectations and budgets is critical for the D2L team to direct you towards the most appropriate furnishing solution. We offer a wide array of turn-key furniture packages including the Tourmaline, Resort, Silver and Gold Collections, plus personalized, custom-designed homes.

It may surprise you that D2L does more than vacation home furniture packages.  Our talented team of designers can assist you with everything from simply refreshing your home to detail-focused custom designs.  No job is too big for the D2L design team.

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Increased ROI

Make your home stand out with spaces designed with marketing in mind.

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Quick Turnaround

The quicker your home is ready, the quicker it will rent.

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Rental-proven furniture that lasts 5-7 years for a lower price than the competition.

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Prompt Communication

Keeping you up-to-date on your home's transformation.

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